10 Best Free ‘Animation Software’ in 2024

In this contemporary era, there is plenty of software and application are available which will help you to pursue your career. Nowadays, companies are using video for the purpose of marketing in this stiff competition as 85 percent of internet users watch video content once a month.

But, we all know that there are always some obstacles in everything and similar to those, video content also have some barrier like a shortage of equipment, shy on camera and restriction in the budget. Among them, there is a certain tool which are torchbearers for the company to make possible video marketing within least budget.

Animation Software

10 Best Free Animation Software Program to Make Marketing Videos in 2024

Here we mentioned some animation software for beginners as well as for experts so that they can make animated videos and take their career on new heights. So why are you waiting for, let’s scroll down.

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1. Animaker

Animaker is a web browser-based platform and this animation software is free of cost for the novice. It has a straightforward drag and drops functions with a great initiative interface. In this software, you can make six core types of videos. These six types are 2D, Infographics, Handcraft, 2.5D, Typography.

Animaker features such as HD quality, horizontal and vertical layouts, pre-made graphics, and many more are distinguished it from other software. In addition to that, audio features like background music and overlap music effect made it unique.

You can also buy a pro version that offers you other essential features like multimove, transition effect, enter/exit effect, etc. These cool services certainly make your animation video powerful and it’s enough to get a huge audience.

2. Blender

Blender is accessible in Windows, Mac, and Linux. You know that pro video editors and creators are using a blender to give the final touch to their content. Blender is an open-source 3D animation software that supports modeling, simulations, 2D pipelines, rendering, motion tracking, and video editing which is enough for you to make animated videos.

This software is continuously on maintenance which is making this software easier. This software is offering all the below-mentioned features free of cost.

Rendering: Cycles is Blender’s ray-trace based production render engine, Freestyle is an edge- and line-based non-photorealistic (NPR) rendering engine, and real-time feedback speeds up the editing process.

Modeling: Blender’s modeling tools include sculpting, retopology, modeling, curves, and more to help with editing models.

Grease pencil: Draw directly in 3D and combine 2D/3D art.

VFX: From camera and object motion tracking to masking and compositing, there are lots of fixes you can make in post-prod.

Simulation: Create simulations for fog, smoke, rain, fire, liquid, and more.

Pipeline: Choose from a long list of import/export options.

Video editing: A built-in video editor allows for basic actions like video cuts and splicing and more complex tasks like video masking or color grading.


K-3D is only supported in Windows and Linux. it is special free 3D animation software for polygon design as it present object surface with polygons. The software mixed up plugins with visualization pipeline architecture.

You can use wiki tutorials which will help you to explore exclusive features such as extruding, shadows, and symmetric modeling. K-3D software only offers easy undo/redo functions so that you can erase your mistake whereas other software is only provided undo function.

K-3D is a really advanced tool as it gives you mirror service for a one-side part so that you can see what it looks like when welded together. A node-based visual pipeline can help creators to create connections and combinations between various segments of the video.

3. OpenToonz

Similar to the Blender, OpenToonz also has the same platform. It is a top free animation software for 2D videos. Also, this software is free for both commercial and non-commercial so you can use it to make videos for marketing purposes.

It has an adequate amount of features for a beginner. Here are some features which give you overlook of this software.

Digital drawing tools: vector and bitmap drawing tools

Indexed color palettes: quick paint and color changing

Effects and compositing: animated special effects and composite scenes — choose from blurs, lighting, keys, masks, wraps, and more than 100 other effects

Scripting: automation via ECMA-compatible scripting engine

Motion tracking: combine your animation with video footage

Scan and cleanup: create vectors from paper drawings

Frame-by-frame animation: with configurable onionskin

Motion tweening: link objects or use motion paths to execute complex movements

Bones character animation: with IK support and mesh deformations

Particle systems: for rain, dust, and similar effects

4. Pencil2D Animation

Pencil2D animation software is also accessible in Windows, Mac, and Linux. Moreover, Pencil2D is easy and simple animation software and with aid of it, you can create 2D videos. You can use this software for personal also for the promotion of the product.

It’s a cooperative interface and a huge amount of tutorials make easy use of this software. There are several other features such as Image and audio import, Onion skinning, Adjust frame rate, Add distortion and lighting effects, and many more which offers you a new look of this software.

5. Plastic Animation Paper

Windows, Mac, and Linux all are suitable platforms where Plastic Animation Paper can be run. This animation software is to have a separate audience. However, it’s the interface that is outdated and not much attractive but still, it is convenient in usage and most important is available without investing a penny. But we know that beggars can’t be choosers.

With PAP, you can create hand-drawn 2D animations, while seeing your edits in real-time. The editing experience itself can be clunky, but it’s easy for beginners to learn and become familiar with. It’s a sufficient tool for basic animated videos. Drawing tools, zoom, rotation, layers, cut-outs, and others are basic features of this software.

In the next days, This animation software will be launch pro version with an additional tool just only at 79$ and this version will help those who want to make unique video content.

Animation Paper is an aid to creators by creating 2D graphics from hand drawing illustration and the creator can also add features which are stated below:

  • Small and large format frames
  • Real-time, smooth rotation, and zoom, along with multiple options for flipping
  • Advanced and customizable onion skinning
  • Layers and lasso
  • High-quality lines and stabilization
  • Colouring and paint
  • Real-time full-frame reference on a second monitor for quick editing

6. Powtoon

Powtoon is a web browser-based animation software. Moreover, Powtoon is available for both paid as well as free. There are certain features that are only accessible after you purchase its pro version. Furthermore, it is for dynamic video presentation and it also provides a stripped-down free tool for videos which is up to 3 minutes long.

Apart from the above features, Powtoon also offers features which are listed below:

  • Custom styles
  • Change aspect ratios and sizes
  • YouTube, Face book, Wistia, Vimeo, PowerPoint, and PDF export
  • Full video, animation, GIF, and image file implementation

This is a great software for those who are a novice in this animation world. There are also several templates are available such as product promotion template, personal usage template, and many more. You can also stretch the theme from PowerPoint and implement it in your video.

7. Stykz

There are three platforms for this software which are Windows, Mac, and Linux. This animation software is straightforward in use as you can make 2D stick figure animated videos.

Stykz is frame-based, meaning you work on one individual frame at a time. It uses onion skins so you can see the previous frame and how to two flow together. Stykz is a very basic but most precious thing is that it is totally free.

You can edit all things from one “stage” means you can edit and save your changes within one window as some creators have fear of window changing.

There is one feature in this software that is impressive for creators and makes them happy is the “autosave” option. Because creators are afraid about losing their hard work if the software is not responding or any other reasons which may stop your software.

8. Synfig Studio

Alike other software, this is also using Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms to run. This is amazing animation software with exclusive features and surprisingly, this software is also available free of cost.

By using this software, you can create 2D animated videos also you can add vector graphics to create timeline-based animation.

Like OpenToonz, it offers a bone system for animation controls so you’ll create natural movements. Create cutout animation using bitmap images or control your vector artwork, and use the extra Skeleton Distortion layer for complex deformations to bitmap artwork.

Advanced features include linking parameters for layers, allowing you to create character puppets and other advanced dynamic structures. It’s never made for beginners, so address a neater choice to start before upgrading to Synfig’s advanced feature set. Moreover, there are many video tutorials to assist you to get won’t to the program.

9. Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D is a different software from the above-mentioned software as this software is using separate platform. Moreover, it is accessible on ios and Android platform.

Toontastic is Google’s own software for Android users. Basically, this software is for kids but many brands are using this software for their brand promotion. If you want to create your own ideal character for storytelling, you can create it by stretch from your own mind or from uploaded pictures.

Toontastic encourages budding storytellers to urge creative with their narratives, and makes can do an equivalent. Plan your storyline, animate, add narration, and music, then export it to share it with the planet.

If it seems like tons of steps, Google says you’ll create a one-minute video with up to 6 scenes in only a moment — though that doesn’t include the time it takes to make your characters upfront. Also, it works offline so you’ll create videos on your daily commute or when the WiFi’s out.

If you’re trying to find more control and artistic flexibility, Toontastic isn’t the simplest option. It’s best-suited for those that are very new to the planet of animated videos. Soon you’ll graduate to at least one of the others on this list!

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Here we mentioned top-rated animation software which has an excellent tool but your video content certainly depends on your creativity, skill, and hard work. This animation software is trustworthy and secure as all these software have a huge number of users.

Let’s look at an overview of this all software:

  • Animaker: is simple, web-based animation software for beginners, with paid upgrades available
  • Blender: is an advanced open-source 3D animation software.
  • K-3D: 3D animation software with polygonal modeling
  • OpenToonz: 2D animation software with an extended list of features for proficient or expert video folks
  • Pencil2D: hand-drawn, 2D animated videos with an easy interface that’s beginner-friendly but loaded with features
  • Plastic Animation Paper: is helpful for incorporating drawn by hand characters into 2D animated videos.
  • Powtoon: great for creating simple, three-minute explainer or infographic videos in presentation-style format
  • Stykz: beginner-friendly, stick-figured based 2D animation software
  • Synfig Studio: robust software for creating vector-based animated videos with advanced character control
  • Toontastic 3D: for people that are very new creating animated videos; meant for teenagers but can create simple storytelling- and character-based videos for brands also

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