CTF Loader – What Is It and How to Fix It?

In CTF loader, the CTF stands for the Collaborative Translation Framework.  Sometimes one becomes upset about finding CTF loader running on their task manager. This CTF loader is harmless but leads to certain errors. CTF loader is a Microsoft program that handles and supports handwriting and voice recognition. Hence, whenever you are working on Microsoft Office, you would find CTF Loader running on your task manager. This file is legitimate enough to be accessed whenever required.

If this isn’t causing you much trouble, then you can ignore it. If CTF Loader is slowing down your system, then you need to take preventive measures. Also, this may harm your other programs due to the presence of any virus as ‘ctmon.exe’. If you are quite sure that there’s no app initiating ‘ctmon.exe’, then you really need to be cautious. Follow the given methods in order to solve the issue-


  • On updating your Windows, if the CTF loader is becoming troublesome, it needs to be fixed. The only solution would be to revert to the previous version of Windows. You can make that possible by press Windows->Settings-> Update and Security-> Recovery-> Get Started; following this procedure, you can return back to your older Windows.
  • Check the location and byte accumulation of your Windows files. You must be able to initiate a file on either of these locations depending on the size. Delete all the ‘ctfmon.exe’ files in the found location and scan your computer.

Method 1: Disable Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel

The very first and most common solution to fix CTF Loader problems is this method. You need to disable the touch keyboard and handwriting services. If this file is of no importance to you, disable it. Also, if it’s causing extreme performance disorder, you can disable it.  This method is quite simple and easy-

Step 1: Click on the Windows key, then press R.

Step 2: Search for ‘services.msc’.

Step 3: As the list of services pops up, double click on ‘touch keyboard and handwriting panel’.

Step 4: Go to ‘startup type’.

Step 5: Click on ‘Disabled’

This method would surely fix your CTF Loader issues. Still, if there appears any difficulty in processing other apps, then enable this service. Also, you might face problems while using the ‘type to search’ service. In that case, enable the service and follow method 2.

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Method 2: Use Task Scheduler

This method can be used to control the trouble without deleting any files. If the first method has certain side effects, this method would be suitable. Using this method, you wouldn’t have any more CTF Loader issues.

Step 1: Go to the Start menu, then type ‘taskchd.msc’.

Step 2: On the left pane, double click Task Scheduler Library.

Step 3: On the left pane, double click Microsoft.

Step 4: On the left pane, double click Windows.

Step 5: From the left pane, select the Text Services Framework.

Step 6: Right-click on MsCtfMonitor and select Disable.

Following the given steps, you won’t have any more CTF Loader issues. This method allows you to choose when to use the ‘ctfmon.exe’ file. If you aren’t using any CTF loader files, just enable this method.

Method 3: Scan Your Computer

Lastly, to be on the safe side, you must scan your computer. Even after following the previous two methods, do complete scanning of your system. Download a suitable antivirus of your choice for your system. Also, download malware detecting tools that would keep your system secured. If you are confused among which antivirus to install, follow the suggestions-

  • McAfee (highly accurate security)
  • Bitdefender ( offers excellent virus protection)
  • Norton( antivirus with online backup capabilities)
  • BullGuard (fast and highly efficient)
  • Eset (provides well-balanced security)

On using this method, your system would be completely secured. Henceforth, you can install suitable apps without getting worried. Also, you would be finally relieved regarding the CTF Loader issues.

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It’s an important fact to remember that any virus can be disguised as a ‘ctfmon.exe’ file. This would lead to slugging down your system. Hence, installing an antivirus and renewing it is always the best option. Also, go through the methods as stated to get rid of CTF Loader problems. If the issue doesn’t get fixed, consult any technical worker.

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