How To Fix ‘DX11 Feature Level 10.0’ is Required to Run the Engine

Every game player wants to play their game without any interruption with good quality and good features, this requires adopting some features to improve the quality of their game using the look sound and with the fast working mode.

Now, we have looked for ways to make it a great game. Versatile quality is always required so that in the end we can play our favourite games easily there are some steps to consider:

Today every game on your PC and mobile is so popular for playing online and offline, that we have many applications and games available to enjoy and win, but all games have a difference, each game has its own features like a graphical interface, video quality, and of course, easy to understand.

DX11 Feature Level 10.0

These qualities make a game popular, so in this material we are talking about the characteristics and qualities that made a game smart. In this way we can see good result, all the recent games like PUBG and Fortnite use “DX11” to increase the graphic quality and versatility of the game which looks better against the older.

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What is DirectX?

When we think about painting our home we call a painter for recommendations, but in PC language we use DirectX to decorate high performance multimedia with full colour graphics, so we finally get a great result.

DIRECTX provides us with a collection of APIs (application programmable interfaces) that allow the development of game multimedia applications such as video, 3D animation and rich audio on the Microsoft platform, as well as some other APIs such as Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectPlay, DirectMusic,

DirectSound and more. DirectX allowed all versions of Microsoft Windows. It is built with the hardware industry to confirm that new hardware design and driver releases will be compatible with and support DirectX.

DirectX Runtime Vs Direct3D Hardware Feature Level

Direct3D is a part of DirectX 3D graphic API’s which is used to streaming media and web animation on PCs but the main role of Direct3D is to retained mode higher level 3D graphics.

In the difference between both the  DirectX runtime and direct3D hardware feature is that the DirectX runtime provide you the DirectX  version that operating system software can support  and the Direct3D hardware feature level help to support your video hardware (GPU) provides.

Direct3D exposes the advanced graphic quality like 3D graphics hardware. DirectX is base for API’s different version. A free software nonfulfillment of all windows APIs, includes An accomplishment of Direct3D.

How to Find the DirectX

If older versions of DirectX were installed in your PC, then you should use the DirectX diagnostic tool, this tool helps you to determine the version of DirectX.

You can find this tool on your PC by following these instructions:-

  • Click on Start and click on Run.
  • Type Dxdiag (DirectX Diagnostic Tool), then click OK to find the Diagnostic Tools tab.
  • Where you see the menu which has some details about your system, display, sound and input.
  • You should click on the System menu to find out which DirectX version is supported by your OS.
  • After this you have to click on Display which gives you some more information about the feature level and memory.
  • When the overall work is completed, you get the final result where the problem lies, then the end you will solve the error.

How to Fix DX11 Feature Level 10.0 is Required to Run the Engine Error

To fix this type of error, you should read the points that resolve the error:-

Method 1 – Run Applications with Dedicated GPUs

All computers must have a GPU, but not all computers must have the required GPU.

There are two types of GPUs:

1. Integrated Graphics

2. Dedicated Graphics

For example, they work like RAM and ROM, one can store data for a long time and one cannot. This is why hard disks are used today to solve such problems. A dedicated GPU is used to create attractive graphic displays in a separate graphic card, which gives you more memory for work and improves graphic quality.

If there are some problems with their other graphic card needs such as a dedicated GPU you will need to set up to use your dedicated graphics card to make your application run smoothly and well.

Method 2 – Updating Your Graphics Card Driver

Sometimes this error occurs due to not updating new versions of the graphics card driver on your PC.

It is always necessary to get new software updates for your PC, so then some errors will  do not knock on your PC door.

This error depends on your video card manufacturer. If you want to update your card online, you have to use the search engine to find a new update for the graphics card,

And then Windows scans for the driver, (online). If a new version is available, you will have to wait for the update and then you resume your work.

Method 3 – Repairing the DirectX Runtime Environment

Fixing your DirectX runtime is not so easy, but if it is necessary to fix your DirectX runtime environment, then you have to repair all the files in DirectX like Direct3D, DirectMusic, DirectSound, DirectPlay and so on.

Step 1 – Start the process of installing DirectX with the DirectX end user runtime web installer.

Step 2 – Then choose Run as the administrator follow all the steps. then download DirectX Redist, open the file and extract it.

Step 3 – Then use the extracted file and open DXsetup and wait for setup Do, and then finally the DirectX is installed.

Method 4 – Installing the platform update KB2670838 (windows)

If someone using windows 7 and you want to remove this type of error like “DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine” then you should use an optional platform update (KB2670838).

If the error is not solved then, in the end, you should contact with Microsoft corporation. and should download KB2670838 platform.

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So finally we know the advantages of DirectX and the other APIs which provide us a new journey for walk on the graphics path. In this content we know that how to resolve this error:- “DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine”.

This error is solving with the quality of your video animation, sound and draw , but with the display of your screen and in the quality of the graphics you should use the following methods for solving such errors.