Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration in Windows 10

Imagine working on an urgent project report, and suddenly your internet connection gets disrupt by Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration error message displaying an unidentified network or No internet access. While network troubleshooting, you get to know about what your local area connection doesn’t have a valid IP configuration. Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration error is caused due to DHCP is unable to get a valid IP address form your NIC (Network Interface Card) which usually results in limited connectivity or no internet access.

A valid IP address is necessary for a computer to communicate with the router since NIC is connect to the router or modem via the Ethernet cable the problem thus creates due to the failure in obtaining a valid IP address. It is mostly due to incompatible NIC driver or some fault in modem or router.

Since above we discussed the reason about this problem now let us discuss the solution to this issue: Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration.

Methods for Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration in Windows 10 Error

There is a process called fast start-up, which is designed to load settings from system memory or cache to reduce boot and start-up time. Many times people face this error due to this process so by restarting their system and disabling the fast start-up process, the Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration error can be fixed.

Method 1 – Disable Fast Start-Up Process

To disable Fast Start-up process following steps are to follow:

Step 1 – Right-click on the start menu button to open the Windows X menu.

Step 2 – Click on the power options in the Window X menu.

Step 3 – Click on Choose what the power buttons do/Choose what the power button does in the left panel.

Step 4 – Click on change settings that are currently unavailable.

Step 5 – Near the bottom of the window, uncheck the checkbox beside Turn on fast start-up (recommended) to disable fast start-up.

Step 6 – Click on save changes.

Step 7 – Close the system settings.

Step 8 – Restart your computer system.

Method 2 – Check Your Ethernet Cable And Reboot Your Modem Or Wireless Router

The fault in the Ethernet cable can cause this type of problem so firstly check the Ethernet cable which you are using to connect the computer with the modem or wireless router. Sometimes damages Ethernet cables can also cause interruptions of internet error and cause Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration error. Therefore replacing it would be a wise choice. Besides, you need to reboot your modem or wireless router since these devices aren’t stable and need a fresh start. Sometimes just restarting your modem the issue can be resolved.

Method 3 – Check Your NIC (Network Adapter Settings)

The cause of the error can be the faulty NIC of the Ethernet connection. Since Ethernet when hooked up with the faulty NIC can create the connection error. Thus it needs to be fixed. The router usually assigns the IP address automatically, and this should be preferred settings unless you’ve chosen manually to specify an IP address.

Following are the steps that can be followed to adjust your NIC:

Step 1 – Hold the Windows key and press R.

Step 2 – Type hdwwiz.cpl in the input field and click OK.

Step 3 – Expand the Networks Adapters right click on your Ethernet card and choose Uninstall device.

Step 4 – When the confirmation dialogue box appears, click on Uninstall.

Step 5 – Reinstall your adapter using the driver accompanying with the hardware.


These are some most applicable solution to fix Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP address. One can get through its connection problem by following these above steps.