Wi-Fi Getting Disconnected Frequently in Windows 8, 10

The dire need of the hour is the internet, right? In the present day, we cannot even imagine a comfortable life without the internet. In that case, what if Wi-Fi Getting Disconnected. That is an annoying situation to cope with since the entire task seems to be stuck incomplete.

Here, we discuss the problems that are mostly encountered and the solutions that will make you eliminate those problems. The mostly encountered difficulties in connecting to the wireless networks is in Window 8 and 10. Keep reading further if you are also one of these using the former versions. These shall help you get better connectivity at any time of the day.

Despite so many amendments made in the Windows to give a connective feature in form of 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, still many improvements are on the way.

Now we will go through the problems and their corresponding solutions.

Problems in the Wi-Fi Connectivity

The most commonly seen problems you must have reported while connecting to a network. Check for yours so that you can later get the solutions too.

  1. Wi-Fi gets disconnected when goes to sleep: If you have also had the same issue most of the times you try connecting to a visible network, then don’t worry, this is a common issue to be tackled.
  2. Wi-Fi is getting limited access: This must be another issue in blocking up your browsing activity. But not to panic, just check out the solutions provided further.
  3. Wi-Fi disconnects randomly: Well, this is an annoying situation where we don’t even know the reason for random disconnectivity. Maybe your system needs a quick check through.
  4. Wi-Fi keeps dropping: It is a very commonly reported issue, which is a cause of the buffering of most of the searches.

Methods to Fix Wi-Fi Getting Disconnected

We have some of the most recommended and working solutions to get away with connectivity problems.

Take a look and find it to make your connection successfully non-interrupting.

Methods 1 – Check The Network Troubleshooter

Half of your problem is solved if you visit the network troubleshooter. Remember, not all, but almost half. We have much more solutions ahead.

Method 2 – Uninstall the Network Card Device

The corrupted networks in the Window 8, 8.1, 10 versions are often dealt this way. Even this method does not gives satisfaction, go further.