How To Fix ‘Steam Missing File Privileges’ Error

Games are the saviours and an escape from the real world, but errors can be a pet peeve while installing your favourite games. And one such error bugging game lovers is Steam missing file privileges. Hold on! This article will help you kick out that error. Solving this error is no more a cry in the wilderness, Just sit back and follow the steps.

Steam is a gaming application where users can get their create accounts and get their games. The steam missing error can occur due to the configuration of your software and hardware specifications. If your device setup is not suitable to launch the games from Steam Missing File Privileges error occurs.

Steam Missing File Privileges

What is the Meaning of Steam Missing File Privileges Error:

The Steam Missing File Privileges error typically occurs when Steam is unable to access or modify game files during downloads, updates, or installations. This error message implies that Steam lacks the necessary permissions or encounters a blockade when trying to read or write to the game files stored on your computer.

It’s a permissions-related issue, often rooted in Windows file system complexities or conflicts with other software. This error can occur across various games and is not limited to specific titles, making it a widespread issue within the Steam community.

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Causes of Steam Missing File Privileges Error:

Understanding the causes is key to resolving the Steam Missing File Privileges error. Common causes include:

  1. File Permissions: Improper file permissions can prevent Steam from accessing necessary game files.
  2. Antivirus Interference: Some antivirus programs might mistakenly flag Steam processes as threats, blocking file access.
  3. Background Processes: Running processes related to the game or Steam might interfere with file updates or downloads.
  4. Disk Write Errors: Problems with the hard drive or SSD, such as corruption or insufficient space, can also trigger this error.
  5. Windows Update Conflicts: Occasionally, recent Windows updates can conflict with Steam operations.

How to Fix Steam Missing File Privileges Error

Solving Steam missing file privileges error is no more Chinese arithmetic, read and follow the steps given below:

Method 1: Rebooting Your PC

Sometimes, small changes can be the solutions to the biggest problems. Similarly, just rebooting your pc can be a solution to this error. While installing a game from steam it divides the process into multiple processes and often systems are subjected to invisible and unnotified issues that cause errors, rebooting your pc can help you get rid of them.

Method 2: End the process(igfxEm) in the task manager

Windows devices have a software component igfxEm.exe included in the Intel common user interface. This ends up being installed while installing Microsoft windows and graphic card drivers. It is a trustworthy file and is found in the path C:\\Windows\System32\igdxEm.exe.

In case the file is mislocated it can end up being malware which may be the reason for this error. To resolve this issue:

Step 1 – Open the run command dialogue box by pressing Windows+R

Step 2 – Type taskmgr and click enter.

Step 3 – In the task manager, go to the igfxEm process then right-click and end the process.

Step 4 – Restart your Steam client using administrator

Step 5 – Download the game again and try running it.

Method 2: Go for an alternative download region

Most of the time the Steam’s server takes help from the user’s network settings to opt the apt region, but sometimes this region can end up being a problematic location due to overloading thus triggering this error. Trying changing the download region.

Step 1 – Go to the Steam client through the official homepage.

Step 2 – Click on the settings from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner.

Step 3 – Click on the Download options.

Step 4 – In that choose Download region and choose an apt region.

Step 5 – Finally, Relaunch the Steam.

Method 4: Ensure you have granted Steam the administrator privileges

To install games steam requires two permissions to read and write. If you have just granted steam the read-only access then errors may occur. Try enabling both the access as downloading files requires writing on the system. Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Open the steam directory (C:\Program Files\Steam). Else go to the location you have allotted for steam.

Step 2 – After you go to the location, right-click and select.

Step 3 – In properties, click on the Security tab→ Advance option.

Step 4 – In the next window, edit the first four rows and check the full folder control.

Step 5 – To edit a row click on it and click on the edit button. A new window consisting of checkboxes will appear. Check all the boxes including Full folder control.

Step 6 – Click on Apply to save the changes and close. Do the same for all the rows.

Step 7 – Right-click on it and select Run as administrator to launch steam. Check whether if the Steam Missing File Privileges error is solved.

Method 5: Give Full Control Access to Steam to Examine the Affected File

The presence of corrupted files in the steam directory can affect the installation of games. Hence to solve this steam needs to have full access to resolve the issue. To resolve it:

Step 1 – Go to the location specified in the Steam missing file privileges error pop up.

Step 2 – Or go to library file of steam, choose the game with error, right-click→properties, the path will be visible.

Step 3 – After locating the file repeat the same steps as mentioned in method 4 to grant access.

Step 4 – Relaunch Steam and check if the error appears again.

Method 6: Mend the library folder and enable steam to verify its integrity

Improper configuration or corrupt steam library folder can cause an error. Game files may be missing and lead to error. Verifying the integrity can fix this error and fetch back the missing or corrupt files. Carry out these steps:

Step 1 – Go to your steam client, click on the Steam Icon and a drop-down will appear, click on Settings.

Step 2 –  In downloads click on the Steam Library Folder.

Step 3 –  You will get a new window that has locations of the installed steam files. Right-click → the Repair Steam Library.

Step 4 –  The next step is to verify the integrity of the game files in the system.

Step 5 –  Exit the settings window and go to the games library.

Step 6 –  Right-click on the game with bugs→ properties.

Step 7 –  In the properties go to the local files tab and click on Verify integrity of the game files.

Relax, steam will automatically verify and fetch out the missing folders by downloading it again. This process will get rid of corrupted files.

Method 7: Removing the game files in the safe mode

If the other methods don’t work, you can try removing the files after switching to the safe mode. Switching to the safe mode enables you to perform tasks without interruptions. Note down the location before switching to safe mode by following the steps in method 5.  Proceed to the following steps:

Step 1 – Reboot to safe mode. You can switch by selecting the various options available in the system’s startup.

Step 2 – Select Enable safe mode with networking

Step 3 – Go to the file location that has the error.

Step 4 – You will get a steamapps list→ click on the download folder→delete all the contents.

Step 5 – Re-Open steam using administrator access, then proceed to method 6, so that the integrity is verified and proceed to downloads.

Check if the Steam Missing File Privileges issue is solved.

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These are the standard cherry-picked steps to fix the Steam Missing File Privileges error. Before going ahead read the steps clearly and be the pro. Bid goodbye to the catch 22 situations.