‘Avast SafePrice’ – What is it? Is it Safe or Not?

Avast Safe Price is a browser which will help in finding you the most convenient, price comparisons and best discounts for nearly everything you want. First, you have to install this browser on your PC, then enabling the plugin. By doing this, the setup is ready for you.

What is Avast SafePrice:

Now if you want to purchase anything, go to your favorite shopping site and search for the item you are looking for. There itself Avast SafePrice will check the best deals and coupons on all the verified and trustworthy sites for the item you searched. It will check automatically.

Then click on the deal you want; it will directly take you to the new page. On the new page, you can complete your purchase. This browser is so helpful, and it is efficient too. Apart from this, if you are planning a trip on vacation then this browser will also be going to help in finding the best hotels deals.

Avast SafePrice

Only you have to do the same which is mentioned in the above paragraph. You can easily book the hotels when you far away from your home on best deals and coupons. So, download Avast SafePrice today. There are 4 million+ users of this browser around the globe.

This browser is installed automatically when you install Avast Antivirus. Otherwise, you can install it manually from google. Just typing the link www.avast.com in the search bar. Do accept the terms and conditions of Avast’s Privacy Policy.

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In case if this browser doesn’t show any discount coupons or deals, then it will be due to-

  1. The item should not be in the stock.
  2. the site from where you are trying to buy a thing should not be a part of Avast SafePrice.
  3. You have already seen the lowest price for that particular item.
  4. The plugin doesn’t identify the item.


  • It offers varieties of offers among trustworthy shops.
  • It scans thousands of verified and reputable sites to find the best offers sitting at home.
  • It notifies about affordable and cheaper offers.
  • It highlights the best deals.
  • Provides easy customization capabilities.
  • It ensures that you’re buying from reputable dealers.
  • It even helps to find the best offers, coupons for hotels.

Does It Install Automatically?

Many users get panic when they discover that this plugin has been installed in their browser without their knowledge. It can interrupt browsing experience, displays ads, and steals your certain information in order to provide relevant ads and price comparisons.

It can be installed manually by going to a link (Google Chrome) or Mozilla Firefox. It can be as a part of the Avast Antivirus app (it includes this plugin for browser). After installing, whenever a user visits online shopping, it shows deals and better prices at the top of the web browser.

It shows all the amazing offers by displaying a small bar on the top of the browser. The bar became invisible when you’re not shopping.

Is Your Privacy Gets Interrupts?

Every user have the same query in mind whether this could be safe to use or not? Whether it interrupts privacy? Before installing any app. Well, Safe price demands a free-browser add on that gets you to a better deal. It never compromises the user’s privacy.

It communicates with one’s server, especially the products we are searching for and the URLs of the shopping sites. So the data that comes into servers is anonymous.

It steals your information to enable it to provide relevant ads and price comparisons and removing it can be difficult. If you cherish your privacy a lot, then this plugin is not for you. You don’t need it to be running on your browser.

Deactivate SafePrice?

If you want to deactivate, then you can easily disable the SafePrice popups (which you will receive during the purchase of an item) directly in the setting of Avast.

There is a menu in a browser Plugin setting from where you can easily remove the mark which is just next to the SafePrice. By doing this, the SafePrice will permanently be deactivated from your system.

Is Avast SafePrice safe?

Some times the popups act as a malware. They are installed automatically without the permission of the user. It will take over your system; it can destroy the performance of your system. It can allow the publisher cookies so that they can store on your system.

Sometimes it reboots your system without your permission even when you are doing important work. There is no option is provided to uninstall it. For that, you have to download the separate program.

And parallelly you have to boot your system in SAFE mode. It can change your default homepage and search engine without your permission. Also, it can automatically update the Avast software package. Some people even uninstall the SafePrice after using it and not satisfied with that.

Does Un-installation Become a Trouble?

If you find Avast SafePrice is odd for you then you can easily remove the Avast Safe Price from windows, Mozilla Firefox, google chrome, internet explorer, etc. I am a windows user, so I will tell you, how to remove Avast SafePrice from windows and as well as from chrome.

Latest Avast Second release of Nitro update has installed Avast Safe Price extension on all browsers silently; this could have been avoided if affected users have used custom setup to install Avast Antivirus. Un-installation can be performed via the control panel or within the Avast Free Antivirus.

Step 1 – Uninstall SafePrice extension.

Step 2 – Open avast free antivirus interface and click on settings.

Step 3 – Scroll and see ‘Safe Price browser extension’ and click on to ‘uninstall component’ and then click OK.

Step 4 – Components demands for a restart so proceed it.

Step 5 – Uninstall via the control panel.

Step 6 – Open control panel → programs and features, select Avast free antivirus and click on ‘change’.

Step 7 – Inside the setup window, click change, remove the mark on Safe-Price browser extension.

Remove the Avast SafePrice from windows

Step 1 – Search in the search bar for the control panel.

Step 3 –  Then there is an option called program. Click on that.

Step 4 – After that, click on programs and features. After that, select Avast Free antivirus option and click on change.

Step 5 –  Now unmark on the SafePrice browser extension.

Step 6 – And after that, click on change (bottom).

Step 7 – Wait for the requested changes.

Step 8 – After that, restart your system.

Removing Avast SafePrice using Avast Components Uninstaller

Step 1 – Firstly, open the Avast Free Antivirus.

Step 2 – Now click on the option called setting.

Step 3 – Then after click on the option called component.

Step 4 –  You will see a list of installed components.

Step 5 – In that find the option called SafePrice Browser Extension.

Step 6 –  Then click on Uninstall Component.

Step 7 – Wait for the requested changes.

Step 8 – After that, Restart your system.

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Avast Safe Price is one of the best provided, trustworthy dealers. Though it communicates some of the information of the browser, it is safe to use as it does not corrupt one’s privacy. Moreover, it is easily customizable to help users find the best prices for goods, services, and even tickets when shopping online.

It especially for those who actually believe in online products and always look for best deals and offers. Avast safe price objectives focused on avoiding overpaying and overwhelmed to save money and time.