What is ‘Akamai NetSession’ Client, Should It Be Removed?

Akamai NetSession Client is a software that provides enhanced promptness and consistency of an application or any media or data downloads made by the user on their computer. Its function is to obtain the data from the computer and use it for network performance monitoring.

It is extremely secure and does not cause a security or privacy threat to any sensitive information stored. To make it more reliable, it comes with an option to uninstall if the user is not satisfied with its services.

Products that were once installed using this can be used safely even after it is removed from the computer. Generally, it comes preinstalled in many of our systems through games or different applications.

If this is not the case, then it may be mention as a mandatory package installation product in the policy that comes with the installation of a few games and apps. Founded in 1998, initiated by Tim Berners-Lee, the shared efforts of Dr further carried this project.

Tom Leighton and Daniel Lewin. Randall Kaplan and Jonathan Seelig later joined this team. Akamai later became Content Delivery Network (CDN) for channels like ESPN and Entertainment Tonight to deliver their highly demanded content by controlling their live web traffic.

It’s working can be explained as software that utilizes to try and solve the problems of the internet. It allows the users to share information among themselves if it is of the same kind. This scenario is usually seen in games where many people are playing along on the same server.

It runs in the background, which means that you need not minimize it. It will work automatically when it is required, and the only thing it requires is a connection with the public or private network.

Akamai NetSession

Another example that can be considered to understand it’s working can be taken as a user in India trying to download something from a server-based in the US. This download initiation and execution could take time as the data has to travel through the nodes of the interconnected ISP networks, which could take time.

Akamai makes it easy by caching the data from a local server based in India, which is much faster. In this way, Akamai makes the process modest and quicker. In simple words, Akamai takes the bandwidth load of companies that don’t want the pain of running their own data centers, and they get paid to do so.

While downloading software from companies on the internet that offer PDF files, documents, and media streams, there’s a good chance that Akamai NetSession Interface powers download.

Why was it develope? Akamai’s initial stages lie in a challenge posed by Tim Berners-Lee in early 1995. He foresaw the congestion that was soon to become very acquainted with Internet users all across the world; he challenged to formulate a new and improved method to deliver the content on the Internet.

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Meaning of Akamai NetSession:

Akamai NetSession Interface is a download manager and a peer-to-peer sharing tool that comes bundled with many applications and programs. Developed by Akamai Technologies, it’s designed to enhance the speed, reliability, and efficiency of downloads and streams from the internet.

Akamai NetSession works by using a portion of your computer’s bandwidth to deliver content from Akamai’s servers or through peer-to-peer sharing.

It often runs in the background, optimizing the delivery of media, software updates, and other data. Companies use Akamai NetSession to distribute their content more effectively to users across the globe, ensuring faster and more reliable access to their products.

Benefits of Akamai NetSession Client

There are numerous benefits this software offers to one’s system. Few of them are:

  • Escalate active transactions through uninterrupted availability.
  • Reduce the density of developing and bringing a good web experience.
  • It is incredibly secure and supports HTTPS and SSL (security protocols) security.
  • It is not malware or invasive software that could corrupt personal data.
  • It is a form of the peer-to-peer network that can also act as a server, as shown in the examples stated above.
  • Seeing any warning from the firewall doesn’t mean that the computer might be facing security vulnerability. This tool is not intrusive. It doesn’t share any private data.

As the reviews are a vital part of any creation, there have been many questions by many customers who have shown their paranoia towards Akamai and how it can act as a threat to their processor.

But it all comes down to the same point that the Akamai NetSession Interface is secure client-side networking technology that boosts interacting protocols for the provision of software and media, improving the swiftness, consistency, and proficiency of content downloaded from the Web.

There are many satisfying reviews about the Akamai NetSession Client as well. NetSession Interface increases provision superiority by allowing a limited count of uploads from your computer of the same files you freshly downloaded.

This upload allocation is geared to have little or no impact on your computer’s performance. User can do the uploading of the data by enabling or disabling it.

Should Akamai NetSession Be Removed?

Deciding whether to remove Akamai NetSession depends on several factors:

  1. Usage: If you frequently use applications that rely on Akamai NetSession for content delivery, removing it might slow down your download speeds or affect the performance of these applications.
  2. Resource Consumption: Akamai NetSession uses a portion of your system’s resources. If you notice significant resource consumption or if your internet speed is consistently impacted, you might consider removing it.
  3. Security Concerns: While Akamai NetSession is generally secure, any software that accesses the internet can pose potential security risks. Regular updates are necessary to ensure security.
  4. Privacy Considerations: Some users might be uncomfortable with a program that uses their bandwidth for peer-to-peer sharing, raising privacy concerns.

Is It Safe to Remove Akamai NetSession?

Removing Akamai NetSession is generally safe and should not affect the overall operation of your computer. However, it might impact the performance and speed of certain applications that rely on it for content delivery.

Before removing it, identify which applications use Akamai NetSession for downloads and updates. If these applications are crucial for your daily activities, you might want to keep it installed.

On the other hand, if you rarely use these applications or if you have alternative means of accessing the content, removing Akamai NetSession can free up system resources and potentially enhance your computer’s performance.

Methods to Remove Akamai NetSession:

If you decide to remove Akamai NetSession, follow these steps:

  1. Through Control Panel: Navigate to the Control Panel, go to ‘Programs and Features’, find Akamai NetSession Interface in the list, and uninstall it.
  2. Using Akamai NetSession Interface Console: Open the Akamai NetSession Interface console, which can typically be accessed through its icon in the system tray. Look for an option to uninstall or disable it.
  3. Check for Dependencies: Before uninstalling, check if any essential applications rely on it. You might need to seek alternative sources for downloading content from these applications.
  4. Manual Deletion: If the above methods don’t work, you can manually delete the Akamai NetSession files from your system. However, this should be done cautiously to avoid deleting essential system files.
  5. Disable Instead of Uninstall: If you’re unsure, you can disable Akamai NetSession instead of completely uninstalling it. This can be done through the program’s console.
  6. Using a Third-Party Uninstaller: A reliable third-party uninstaller can help remove all traces of Akamai NetSession from your system.
  7. After Removal: Once removed, monitor your computer and applications for any changes in performance or functionality.
  8. Reinstalling if Necessary: If you find that removing Akamai NetSession adversely affects your applications, you can always reinstall it from the official website.

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I want to conclude by saying that the NetSession Client is not harmful to the computer in any way; it only makes up for better user experience. It acts as another feature to the machines, which upsurges their usability a little more in our day to day lives.

Today, it has become the world’s leading provider of CDN (content delivery network) that makes the internet faster. So it is safe to say that this program need not be removed from a computer.