How To Fix ‘ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR’ Error in Chrome Browser

The ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR refers to a technical error that mainly occurs while using Google Chrome. It weakens the ability of its users to access web pages with more ease. Due to various reasons (which will be discussed later), the error of web pages loading failure arises.

Consequently, a popup gets shown on the computer screen. And it states the inability of Google Chrome to load that servers, websites & web pages. One may find the following dialogues popping up on their screen”:-

  • ”This webpage is not available.’’
  • The site is temporarily down or has been permanently moved to a new web address.



This type of error is mainly related to Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC protocol) on having internet connectivity via Google Chrome as a default internet browser. It generally occurs while accessing social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube & Gmail.

Applications and software which do have an outside or external sources at the time of their installation setup may also affect the loading process of browsing different websites.

One may keep himself aware at the time of manual installation setup of third party applications, and disabling the option to share computer information with those applications and softwares reduces the chances of occurrences of these errors.

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6 Ways to Fix ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the most preferred Internet Browsers for accessing internet and surfing websites. It is due to its remarkable performances in terms of:-

  • Numerous features
  • User-friendly nature
  • High-performance value

However, even after being one of the best Internet Browsers, it suffers from various bugs. Other flaws include issues with coding, network problems, etc. These hurdles worsen the loading of websites and create difficulty while loading it.

All this can create a sense of frustration among its users and a lesser productivity level. It leads to inefficiencies in their operations. These issues need to be fixed. There exists a multiple of ways to fix ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR, some of which are as follows:-

Method 1- Using the chrome://flags Command

Follow the undermentioned steps. Consequenit’llit’ll avoid occurrences of websites loading error and increasing efficiency in operations:-

Step 1 – Firstly, one should open the Google Chrome browser and then open a new tab in it.

Step 2 – Then, give the command “chrome://”lags” in the address bar. It will get the user to the system menu.

Step 3 – A popup warning notifications “like “Careful; these experiments may”bite” will be displayed on the screen. These notifications are just formality alerts for the user. So, you may ignore that notification and proceed further to access the desired objective.

Step 4 – Next, give keyboard commands CTRL+ F keys. It will help the user to find out an experimental QUIC protocol option. “Find Box a”pear” named folder will automatically be created out of such operation.

Step 5 – Then, one may need to enter the Command of “Experimental QUIC protocol” in this folder.

Step 6 – After giving such Command, a popup option of disabling drop-down menu will be notified to the user. The user needs to confirm those dialogue and re-start the Google Chrome browser. This action will cause the error to disappear.

Method 2 – Disabling Browser Extensions

Third-party applications or software installed in the computers may create further extensions to it without the permission of users. It may lead to bad situations, for example, lagging problems, slow website loading problems, etc.

Thereby affecting internet servers, causing to rise of such issues. But one can resolve such frequently arising issues through disabling internet browser extensions. Disabling such extensions leads to reducing cache memory, enabling its users to have rich, lag-free, and quick website loading.

All this without any popup notification error regarding its failures. Steps which may be followed for disabling third-party browser extensions:-

Step 1 – Firstly, go to the internet browser, i.e., Google Chrome. Then open a new tab.

Step 2 – Secondly, give the Comman” of “chrome://exten”ions” in the Address bar. It will ask the user to confirm their action. They may need to tap enter on it.

Step 3 – After that, the user may proceed further to go to the extensions of the link. After that, he can disable that link.

Step 4 – These steps will lead the error to get disappear after rebooting the computer.

Method 3 – Resetting the browser

Individuals who ought to use their internet browser very frequently are much prone to face lagging problems and said errors while loading different websites. It is because continuous internet surfing fills up system’stem’s caches memory.

The automated settings enabled option in most of the computers increases their inability to produce required stuff via the internet. Therefore, one may try to put their system on manual settings mode and resetting the browser data.

Clearing caches and data of the Internet browser makes it hassle-free and quick to load websites. Following steps helps in avoiding any discrepancies while resetting the internet browser and clearing its cache memory:-

Step 1 – Firstly, one may need to open the internet browser, i.e., Google Chrome. Then go to the settings option for accessing further operations.

Step 2 – In the settings option, one may go to the advanced settings option. From there, other proceedings will happen.

Step 3 – Now, relaunching the Google Chrome browser will make the error to disappear. One may also try to reboot the system.

Note: One must ensure that all the links and tabs before clicking”the “”eset” option are backup. Otherwise, resetting will lead the whole links and tans to get permanently removed and deleted.

Method 4 – Checking the Proxy or Firewall Settings

If the proxy system of computers on which the users are trying to access a particular website is not functioning correctly, then there are very high chances of making the user suffer from an inability to access the websites loading on the one go without any hassling.

It may take an extraordinary abnormal period of time to load. Even the basic websites which may not require intensive graphics and high-resolution images in it.  Moreover, if the antivirus software systems like Firewall is not installed correctly or its settings stills remain on automatic mode enabled.

It all may create lagging problems while loading websites. Consequently, causing continuous occurrences of erroneous popup notifications. The following steps are required to be followed for fixing up such issues:-

Step 1 – First of all, go to the Internet Properties section. To do so, press the Windows key + R and type in the com”and “inetcpl”cpl.”

Note: Or you can search”for “Control “anel” in the search bar on your computer. Then select the optio” of “Internet Op”ions” or”the “Network and Int”rnet” option on the dialogue box.

Step 2 – Then, click on”the “Conne”tion” option and se”ect “LAN sett”ngs.” It will ensure that no issue remains with the Firewall or proxy browser. If errors still persist, then it needs to get fixed.

Step 3 – Next, disable”the “Use a Proxy Server for you” LAN” option. Then enable”the “Automatically detect set”ings” option.

Step 4 – At last, c”ic” “Ok””and “”pply” on the dialogue box. Finally, reboot the computer will fix up the error.

Method 5 – Temporarily Disabling the Firewall

There are several instances when the automatic protection mode of various antivirus software intentionally crashes the websites. As a result, it prevents the internet browser from having access to those respective websites.

A firewall is one of the most preferred antivirus software. The reason being its offensive attacks on spyware, viruses, bugs, and other issues. There are conditions when the user is trying to access a website, but the blocking feature of the Firewall is continually disallowing it.

In such circumstances, one may have an option to disable those antivirus softwares, i.e., Firewall temporarily. Steps to be followed for disabling Firewall Software temporarily:-

Step 1 – Firstly, one may need to detect Antivirus programs present in the System Tray of the user. This antivirus can be disabled by a Right-click on it and select the optio” of “dis”ble.”

Step 2 – Antivirus programs should be disabled for a short period of time. Because disabling antivirus for a longer period of time may cause other risks to the system.

Step 3 – One may need to check the Google Chrome browser for finding the current status of error.

Step 4 – If the error continues, then the user should go to”the “System and Sec”rity” settings option. Then se”rch “Control P”nel.”

Step 5 – Next, select”the “Windows Fir”wall” option. Then choose”the “Turn Windows on o” off” option in the windows firewall system panel.

Step 6 – Then, one should reboot the system to have an error-free rich and smooth access in their operations.

Note: It should be ensured that the Windows Firewall option had been backed up through guided steps.

Method 6 – Downloading Software

If the problem continues to occur, then there exist various softwares and applications which are freely available online. These softwares can easily be downloaded, installed, and manually set up.

One of the most popular software to curb such situation” is “Reimage “lus.” The primary purpose of this software is to scan the overall data present in cloud storage and the internal storage of the computers.

After the scanning process, it starts detecting and removing unwanted files, miscellaneous data, cache memories, and corrupted files.

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The root cause of ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR error arising out of bug issues is still unidentifiable. It has been noticed that such popup notifications relating to this error of failures in website loading do not arises; if the sites are surfed on incognito modes.

However, the major drawback of accessing internet websites on incognito mode is that it does not retain any cookies or cache memory in the system. One may not be able to go back to those different websites which were once accessed through incognito mode.

Arising of such error may not be yet possible to overcome or eliminate permanently, but one may reduce its frequency by following the steps mentioned above. These steps will enable its users to have efficiency and smoothness in their operations.

They will not be facing repetitive website loading failures and thus increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of its users.